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Game of Thrones Season 8

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Spoiler Alert Warning!

As the battle nears, the Red Priestess Melisandre rode in from nowhere just before the battle. She rode up to the Dothraki warriors, grabbed one of their swords and said a spell. After she cast her spell, all of the Dothraki swords lit up in flames making for a spectacular display. The mood was somber but this gave brought a hopeful moment to the fearful cast getting ready to battle the Night King’s army of Wights.

The Dothraki rode off to battle with flaming swords aglow. Meanwhile, Dani and Jon were perched upon a mountain top with the dragons overlooking the battle from above. The Dothraki rode off into the cold winter night abyss howling with war cries. They were rushing out on horseback to face off with the army of the dead. Looking from above, it was clear when they clashed with the Wights as their forward advance stalled and the flames of the swords diminished, screams were heard and finally, all of the flames were extinguished. The Dothraki had fallen with hopes of a victory diminishing quickly.

The Dothraki Do Not Fare Well in Game of Thrones Season 8

After the complete and unexpectedly quick defeat of the very capable Dothraki army, the Wights rolled forward. They came forward quickly much like a Tsunami wave, crashing into the front line. They relentlessly pounded the Unsullied warriors and others who were bravely holding the line.

Dani and Jon circled above on the dragons, Dani riding Drogon and Jon on Rhaegal, lighting hundreds of Wights on fire in huge swaths. As this occurred, there came a brief moment of hope that the Wights could be destroyed. However, this hope quickly fell flat as a cold wind approached, the dead kept coming and their warriors fell quickly.

Suddenly, there was a retreat called and everyone started to pull back. Sansa had been on the wall observing when Arya told her to get below in the crypt as she was of no use there. While everyone retreated into the castle the Unsullied held the line and tried to light the defensive fire pit surrounding Winterfell. Chaos ensues as everyone is fleeing back into Winterfell in fear.

Bran in Game of Thrones | A Hard Drive for Memory

Bran was taken to the Weirwood tree in the area called Godswood of Winterfell. Theon Greyjoy is there to protect him along with a crew of soldiers. Bran during this time tells Theon, I am going to go now and he soon blinks out and becomes a raven flying toward the Night King.

Winter had arrived, the cold wind of death had brought in a fog and snow making it hard to see. It was so hard in fact that John and Rhaegal had become lost in the clouds while Dani on Drogon continued to fight through the visibility and continued to light up Wights. Jon almost crashed as Rhaegal emerged into some trees due to visibility and soon after he pulled up and ran into Dani and the two dragons collided almost crashing to the ground. I got the feeling the crash may have weakened the two dragons and visibility hampered efforts to attack more.

With the Unsullied still holding the line, trying to get the pit to light. It seemed the pit would not light, all attempts failed or were stopped by the Wights. A contingency of the Unsullied that had retreated came out the front gate and guarded Melisandre. Melisandre walked to the pit with Wights approaching from everywhere. She places her hands on a few logs in the pit and starts speaking a spell in an attempt to light the pit. She tried and tried and nothing happened, it seemed hopeless and then to everyone’s joy the pit lights and the Wights are held at bay. As Melisandre turns to walk back in she makes eye contact with Arya. It was as if they had a moment that would later be revealed why.


A Calm Before the Next Storm on GOT Season 8 Episode 3

Everyone catches their breath for a few minutes but their peace is soon interrupted. The Night King soon shows up with his Wight dragon and made a hand motion which seemingly commanded the Wights to walk into the fire. Like ants, they continued to advance until bodies covered the pit and the flames were extinguished, creating an opening for the Wights to pass through. The undead army quickly found their way through the ring of fire and once again, like ants began assaulting the wall, piling up their bodies collectively until they were able to reach the top. Before long, the Wight army is able to breach the top and the battle moves to the ground with Wights piling into Winterfell.

Lyanna Falls

The Lady of Bear Island Lyanna Mormont is guarding the front gate of Winterfell while Arya, Jamie, The Hound, Ser Brienne, Jorah and others are doing their best to keep more Wights from breaching the top of the wall. Arya is a bad ass by the way in case no one caught that. They all slowly retreated, regrouped and started to fight on the ground.

The battle kept progressing as the old Wight giant breached the gate killing everyone and knocking the small Lyanna Mormont out of the way. She soon got her revenge as she attacked him, he grabbed her in his hand and squeezed her hard, she was definitely going to die. He pulled her close to his face to stare into her eyes I guess and with her last breath, she thrust her sword into his eye, killing him.

Dani and John regroup high up in the sky with the dragons when the Night King and his Wight Dragon Visery’s attacked from below spewing blue flames at Dani. Dani speeds off and he pursues. Dani and John go into a dive into the clouds and lose him so regrouping above the clouds once more.

Arya’s position had become overrun and she retreats to the halls of Winterfell and fights her way through as the Hound and Beric Dondarrion try to find her. This whole scene was straight out of a horror film, dark and scary. Arya winds her way around attempting to avoid the throng of Wights, there were just too many. They located her just in time and help her out as she had gotten tackled by Wights and was on the ground.

Sansa Hides with Tyrion in the Crypt

Sansa is now in the crypt with Tryion and the rest of the women and children when there was pounding on the door of the crypt with men bagging to be let in only to be slowly silenced by death. Everyone in the crypt new things were not good.

As the Hound and Lord Beric saved Arya, Beric is stabbed by Wights multiple times. With his death inevitable, they retreat to a room where Melisandre is held up seemingly waiting for this moment. She says that the Lord brought back Beric in the past for this moment. Arya recounted their previous discussion last season and recalled that Melisandre said they would meet again and that Arya would shut many eyes, which Arya confirmed she had. Melisandre then said yes, those with brown eyes and green eyes and after a pause… blue eyes. Arya looked knowingly as if a vail had been removed and she knew what to do. She seemed to be suggesting that Arya should use her assassination skills to go after the Night King. Melisandre then said to her, “what do we say to the gods” and to this Arya replied, “not today” and she took off.

The Wights are now attacking Godswood and the Night King attacks Winterfell from above on his dragon shooting blue flames on the castle. He is quickly interrupted by Jon on his dragon and a fight ensues. They had a spectacular mid-air dragon fight ending with the Night King being knocked off his dragon and falling to the ground. John and Rhaegal also come crashing down to the ground and it seems Rhaegel is injured badly, maybe mortally.


Dani Attacks

Dani finds the night king on the ground and hovers above him, he sees her and she gives the order, “dacarys” to light him up. The flames were intense but in the end, the Night King was uninjured as he bent down to pick up his ice spear. Dani realized what was happening and sped off with the Night King throwing the spear and Dani maneuvering to avoid being hit and it narrowly missed.

John is now on the ground as well and he sees the Night King and pursues him. As he gets closer, the Night King stops and looks at him and summons the countless numbers of recently dead. He essentially awoke their own army as there are many dead if not most being dead at this point. As he does, john is surrounded and he starts to fight his way out of another seemingly impossible battle with no help. The Night King and his generals now just walk toward the front gates of Winterfell unobstructed.

Back in the Winterfell crypts, as everyone had speculated, the dead were brought to life and now, all of the past starks came punching their way out of their tombs. Tyrion and Sansa hid behind a tomb while many are killed, have a conversation and then grab their blades and come out to fight.

Dani is now sitting on the ground on Drogon when she was overtaken by Wights. They jumped on and seemingly hundreds must have clung on as Drogon trashed trying to get the stabbing Wights off of him he shook Dani off as well. Dani fell to the ground where Jorah came to her rescue. Drogon flew off dropping a bunch of Wights into Winterfell like a bomber, which was not what they needed.

Back to Winterfell

John had by now fought his way back into Winterfell where Jamie, Brienne and the rest of the crew were fighting. Dani and Jorah are now both fightings since Dani picked up a dragon glass blade. Unfortunately, Jorah was soon stabbed multiple times and soon died in Dani’s arms. A fitting end for a man that loved her although she once cast him out.

The battle in the crypts continued although it was not highlighted, Jon kept fighting in the center of Winterfell, Dani is in the battlefield with Jorah now dead and the Night King is approaching Bran and Theon.

Theon Goes Out Bravely

As Theon and the night king lock eyes, Bran pops back in from “warging”. Bran tells Theon he is a good man and thanks to him. Theon, with a tear in his eyes, turns and attacks the Night King, running full speed with a spear in hand. The Night King sidesteps the spear all cool like, breaks it and fatally stabs Theon.

Meanwhile, Jon is locked in a video game-like moment. The Wight dragon is not able to fly and is on the ground in Winterfell keeping Jon pinned down with blue flames. Jon is not able to get to Bran and with Theon no longer able to defend him, the Night Knight approaches Bran and begins to pull out his ice sword.

This is where it all ends because out of nowhere, Arya comes screaming in and leaps at the Night King. The Night King heard her and turned and grabbed her by the throat in mid-air, knocking the blade from her hand. As her Valyrian steel dagger fell to the ground, she caught it with her lower hand and stabbed the Night King with it. The Night King shattered into pieces like glass prompting a domino effect, destroyed in turn.

As dawn breaks and the dust settles, we get a good look at the devastation now visible to the mournful victors. Dani cries over the Jorah dying while Melisandre now finished with her duties as the Red Priestess, removes the magical choker that keeps her young and alive, walks into the open and dissolves into dust. THE END.

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