Hummingbird vs WP Rocket

Hummingbird vs WP Rocket

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Hummingbird vs WP Rocket

What is the best WordPress Cache plugin? In the past, sites used WP Super cache for most WordPress website platforms. However, cache needs have changed and evolved and more sites have pushed their boat out of that pond and are now using better cache plugins. Does this say the best WordPress Cache plugin is now Hummingbird Cache? The plugins full caching benefits have added everything most websites need to boost a website’s page load speed. Let’s look at why we pick the Hummingbird vs WP Rocket plugin.

Just like WP Super Cache plugin, W3 Total Cache plugin and WP Rocket; Hummingbird takes care of website page caching, minify, enqueue, gzip, browser cache, monitor and reports a website speed. But we love the interface and there are also a lot of other advantages. With nearly two million downloads and almost 200,000 full implementations, it is clear to see this plugin is an up and coming tool.

Comparison of Hummingbird vs WP Rocket

performance test image for hummingbird vs wp rocketFirst, is how the Hummingbird plugin looks and feels. Super simple with all of the basics, which is just what we want. A caching product that we can just turn on and do the job for us.

Take a look at this image: Check out the pre-load settings and the advanced settings: Anyone can check your site’s page load speed insights in Google’s Page Speed Test tool. Anyone can tell if you are running the best WordPress cache plugin.

Hummingbirds new caching Results

Hummingbird gets rid of the complex tabs making it very easy for website owners to run testing. See image below for Page Caching: Simply turn it on for all cached pages: Anyone can set extra configurations such as for logged in users, URL queries, updates, installs, and other exclusions.

At some point, since we want to simplify things for our clients. The easiest thing to do is to clear and remove the WP Rocket or Super Cache plugin and activate the Hummingbird Cache plugin. Once done, we wait for around 30 minutes and refresh it. Now we can check out your page speed test again and see the improvement.

For any On-page and Off-page SEO, contact us through our e-mail or call us directly.

Performance Reporting

The Hummingbird plugin will scan websites and make recommendations that allow developers to make improvements in performance and speed.

Optimizing Assets

Developers can minify, combine, and optimize files to make considerable improvements in page speed.

G-Zip Compression

The plugin allows for compressed HTML and JavaScript files as well as CSS style sheets, which will reduce a website’s overall load time.

super girl hummingbird vs wp rocketHummingbird is a Comprehensive Cache Suite

When looking at Hummingbird vs WP cache, Hummingbird gives a more natural interface to speed up page speed and load times, browser, RSS, and Gravatar cache.

Cache-Control For Cloudflare

Hummingbird includes excellent controls that make for quick Cloudflare Browser Cache management.

Optimize Hosted Files

Websites can utilize WPMU DEV’s secure, hyperfast CDN for fast performance.

Image Management and Optimization

Hummingbird has integrated Smush Pro to let you resize, compress, and optimize the website’s images.

Monitor Uptime

The plugin will monitor website response time and track and alert if you experience downtime.

Hub Based Security Manager

The plugin has centralized monitoring to view any security issues, updates, and backups for any website on the Hub.

What is the Final Verdict?

This plugin is just plain super! Hummingbird goes the extra mile to explain why and how, and makes it a breeze to add and test changes. In our view, when looking at Hummingbird vs WP Rocket, Hummingbird wins our business, and that is what you really need to know!


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