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The Mountain Fountain is Gluten-Free Paradise

Gluten-free foods are getting easier to find. However, oftentimes, the variety is limited and you sort of get what you get. Well, not at the Mountain Fountain just outside of Longmont in Hygiene. If you have wheat allergies, you are a Celiac sufferer, have a gluten intolerance or you are just wanting to avoid it. Carrie and the crew at the Mountain Fountain have your Longmont gluten-free fix.

The Best Longmont Gluten-Free Bakery

The Mountain Fountain is located at the west end of 17th street. To get there you simply head west on 17th past Hover Road and on past Airport Road. Go until you can’t go anymore and you are there.

The location of The Mountain Fountain is a relatively new store but has a long history starting with Clark’s Market. It has carried several other names. It was the beloved Mary’s market and The Purple Door Marketplace and all previous owners each had slightly different offerings and ideas. I would call The Mountain Fountain a diverse mini-mega store. You are not going to find everything there, but what you will find is high quality and nutritious.

From Clark’s Market To The Mountain Fountain

Carrie has focused the store around serving the community high-quality foods made from mostly locally sourced ingredients. If you are looking for a delicious sandwich made with grass-fed roast beef, or local farm-raised chicken this is your store. The deli is fully stocked and offers the customer in Longmont gluten-free and regular sandwich options. Be assured that when they say gluten-free, they mean it. Their staff maintains strict controls to avoid any chance of cross-contamination.

The store has been a huge success and in the process become a legendary local gluten-free bakery. There really is no local competition for the quality of their homemade bread, it is truly to die for. But the bakery does not stop there. There are so many options its hard to know where to start but everything made in the bakery is 100% safe for anyone who has Celiac disease or allergies. I have visited the store many times and there is not once that there was not something yummy being baked in their ovens. Banana bread, cookies of all types, crepes, pies and much more.

FLongmont Gluten-Free Pie – Pick Your Flavor

The pies are made with their own homemade pie crust which is of course sans gluten. It is almost impossible to find a light flaky pie crust that is gluten-free, but people rave about their crust with good reason. Seasonal pie sales are a huge part of their business and it is understood why.

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