Red Truck Beer Grand Opening In Fort Collins

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New Red Truck Beer Building Recently Opened

If you are looking for a new place to hang out, Red Truck Beer Brewery is pretty damn cool. Their patio is awesome, I mean not only is it cools, but it’s also huge. To start, they have a couple of fire pits right upfront to lounge around. The building itself seems to have a moat in the front not to mention a giant water tower.

An Awesome Patio for Outdoor Events or Just hanging Out

The patio continues along the side and all the way around to the back of the building. The patio is suspended over the “moat” which gives a cool sensation that you are sort of on a dock even though there is no water. The entire building is branded very well with red trucks of all types all around the building.

They have really gotten creative with the design of their buildings. Their kitchen is made of a couple of large steel shipping containers stacked on each other. Plus, their bike racks are pony kegs, how cool is that?

A Truck Stop Like No Other

They give a whole new definition to a truck stop. Entering through the front door, you are clearly entering their version of a truck stop. Right when you enter you are greeted by an old dodge truck to your left and a very cool pre-runner to your right. The runner is their branded race truck and looks like a lot of fun. I think they should let people who write about them take it for a spin, (I can always hope).

Brew Flew Brewery Tours

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