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SEO Company in India

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Read This Before You Hire an SEO Company in India

Today I am going to discuss a topic that, well, it “grinds my gears” as Peter Griffin would say, and that topic is, clients who have been burned by using an unscrupulous SEO company in India. It irritates me, and I feel bad for the people who go down this path. My company has helped several clients, desperate to recoup from disastrous SEO programs and wasted budget. Most of these clients started down the path of working with an SEO in India from emails similar to the one we will be discussing in this article. To be fair, it is not just SEO’s in India, and we are to saying all SEO agencies in India are bad. We have also helped clients that got involved with some less than productive and ethical SEO agencies in the US as well. 

The problem starts with the countless emails that are sent out every day to every website owner in the world. These emails are relentless, and as is the case with this email, they often tout a leading or Top SEO Company in India. Many of these emails will be for other serves like website design, development, branding, managing social media activity, web development, app development, and more. The emails can be very enticing as the implied benefit is significant cost savings due to lower labor costs in India.

india population for seo company in indiaNow imagine the other end of this proposition, where 1.3 billion people live in India, many in poverty. Beyond email scraping and cold email campaigns, SEO companies in India will often hire hundreds of people to find and send emails and then follow up with people like you and me. If these people get a client or even generate a lead that turns into a client, they get paid a commission. This can create some interesting sales strategies employed by these people to find and connect with you.

  • The fake employee ploy – Sometimes the person on the other end says they are a private person offering their services to you but they actually work for someone else. They will be polite, professional, and personable, but make no mistake they are just a salesperson.
  • You may get lucky (this is not easy) and find a single freelancer or very small company. In this case, you will pay them weekly or monthly, with monthly amounts ranging from $100 per month and up depending on the services you are trying to leverage.
  • You start out dealing with a large SEO company. This is probably your easiest bet, but it will still not guarantee success, despite any promises they may make.
  • Team share programs. We are not sure how real this is, but we have heard people are hiring into a team of SEO specialists on a part-time basis.     

We have picked an email that we recently received, and we are sharing it to help you understand how we interpret an email SEO service offer, and more importantly, one that comes from India. One big glaring difference to many in the US is grammar and word selection. In my opinion, if you are a global company located in Europe or Asia, it may matter less how articles read. However, in the US, word use and context that is not correct can be seen as sloppy grammar and poor word selection. The purpose of this article is intended to tell you that there are options, but if you wade into these waters, do so carefully.   

In this article, I have included excerpts from an email we received from an SEO Company in India. I will dissect the email and give you some general insights on how to evaluate an email from an unknown source. 

The typical SEO Company in India Introduction

We see hundreds of these emails every month, and with this example, we are already setting off on a bad start. Our courting SEO company in India let us down right from the first sentence. 


I found your web contact email “info@searchorb.comI would like to discuss Design and Top 10 positions in Google .”

The email is a mass sent, form letter email, yet they can’t even get their form letter 100% accurate. Their quality control must be sublime, right? Heavy sarcasm. 

Ask yourself this! How good of a job do you think they will do on your SEO if they can’t even get their form letter introduction perfect? Ok, you say, “so, maybe that was just an error, labor in India is cheap, and I am willing to give it a try.” Let’s read on and see how they dive into a little more detail about their offering.  

“We are a leading result oriented Web Solutions Company in INDIA and we are doing this from last 7 years for many SEO Agency based in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, over 7 years experience in the domain.

We do all our work in an organic basis so that our clients get a permanent result.”

Besides the obvious poor grammar, I love that they capitalized INDIA, nice touch Ahsan (Ahsan is the name on the email).  

But, you say, “they can get me in the top 10 on Google, what do I care? After all, they are a design and SEO company in India, and they are cheap.” Whoa, whoa, whoa, if you are saying this, we are guessing that you have already sold yourself on the idea, so why are you reading this? 

Think about this anytime someone says they can get your website found On Google in the top 10 positions in search results. Are you ready? Here is what you need to ask yourself and them if you contract with them. “For what?” What keyword are they going to get your web site found for? 

They also say they work on an organic basis so that you will get permanent results. What does this mean to you? What we are saying is not just about this email, but really, what does this mean to you as a business owner? Is it magic? What does working in an organic way mean to them? It probably means nothing unless they will be creating content or potentially damaging edits to your current content. 

Organic SEO should be centered on high-quality website content. Based on their email, how effective do you think the quality of content they edit or create will be?    

If this still ha not swayed you, if you move forward, we truly hope you have a great experience with whomever you choose. If not, please stop while you are ahead and call a reputable SEO agency. Better yet, call us, we would love to be your partner!    

What Do They Promise and Why is it Problematic?

“We will be optimizing your website in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn & Bing which results in improvements in Keyword Ranking, Traffic & Link popularity.”

If you are still moving on with an SEO company in India, here is what you should ask next. What does optimizing your website in major search engines mean? To me, the way they wrote this implies they can tweak something at Google, Yahoo, and so on, which is wrong on many levels.

They mention Keywords, traffic, and links. Those are all excellent things for SEO, aren’t they? Sure, but you have to get to the core of what exactly they will do without ambiguity.

The Benefits They Say You Will See 

The next section of this email is hilarious, as the first three all say the same essential things. Getting keywords ranking and increasing page rank gets you found on Google. We just have to say, “thanks Captain Obvious.” 

The next promise is for increased “traffics” and backlinks. I did not know traffic had a plural form, impressive. Oh, and backlinks, hey now we are cooking with oil, I need backlinks.  

“SEO Benefits:

1. Get relevant keywords and best keywords ranking.

2. Bring your website top on Google.

3. Increase page rank.

4. Increase your traffics and quality back links.

5. Helps to increase your online sales.”

india flag and facts for seo agency in india articleCan an SEO Company in India Assure your Success? (The answer is no)

Wow, they make significant promises, especially given the fact that they can’t even properly craft an email. You may still be driven to give an India SEO company a try, might as well be this one, we hear you, but once again hope you do your research.  So let’s break down their assurance to you.

“We assure you that after we start the SEO Campaign for your website your site will be positioned in Top page of Google, Yahoo, Msn & Bing and other search engines and your website will generate revenues as traffic will float your website.”

They said the same thing over again. Yes, that’s right, they said what they have already mentioned in a new paragraph. Oh, wait, they did add that your website will generate more revenue because traffic will float your website. “Traffic will float your website, that sounds good, I like that,” you say. They also say that their efforts will increase your revenue, that is good right, now come on increased revenue is always good.   

What Are They Offering?

Who knows, but this sentence would lead us to believe that they are going to submit your website to websites such as Yellow Pages, Super Pages, possibly Google Bing, Yahoo, etc. Manual submissions would typically imply to us that they will manually register and write content for directory and citation sites, as mentioned above. We would bet that this is about all they will do for you if they do anything at all.

“We do manual submissions which results in Permanent Quality Back links, so that you can have your potential traffic on your prime pages and ultimately your ROI will Increase.”

If their sole SEO strategy is adding you to directory and citation sites, you can achieve this for a few hundred dollars a year. We do this every day! While this is worth doing, this is not an SEO strategy. It is a small piece of an overall SEO strategy.

What Can You Gleen From the Email

You should look closely at the closing of the email and the sender’s email address. This particular email came from, check out the domain for yourself. This domain is a parked domain, meaning there is no active website. Using an inactive website domain to send emails is a common practice for cold, unsolicited email campaigns. 

“If you have any query, we will be more than happy to provide you our quick assistance.


Best Regards!


Business Development Manager”

It should also arouse your curiosity if there is no company name listed. In this case, you have a fake website address and no company name identified after the sender, Ahsan’s name, and title. Our website is, and our business is in Berthoud, Colorado. 

So What Do You Say Now About Using and SEO Company in India?

There are many red flags in this email. The bottom line is that you will get hundreds of these types of emails. The simple act of putting your website is on the internet has made you subject to these sorts of email campaigns. What should you do? Ignore them, ignore them, and then ignore them some more. 

You can try to add them to spam, but this typically fails because every email they send will likely come from different email addresses or other domains. So, just delete them and move on. If you are still interested in working with an SEO Company in India, please call me, I have some swamp land for sale in Florida. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

Look, you likely know that getting found online takes a lot of work, and it requires a budgeted effort. Sure, there are shortcuts and cheats, but those need the proper knowledge to leverage effectively. Keep in mind that trying to fool Google is a bad practice that will get you penalized, or your search potential downgraded. Google penalties can dramatically affect your business and website traffic. 

The next move you should take if you are searching for a way to get your website found is to call a reputable SEO company. There are a lot of us, but Searchorb Marketing would love to be your SEO agency. 

Check us out! We are BBB A+ rated, Google Certified, and Googe has recognized us as a top-rated veteran-owned business.      

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